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‘The CO-KICKER Crew’


This Powerful Trio of Capsules Reduces The C Virus’s Ability to Infect Cells.


It Includes a 31 Day Supply of The Following Capsules:


*Vitamin C

*Vitamin D


  • Quercetin is a Natural Pigment Found in Many Fruit, Vegetables and Grains. It Repairs Cellular Damage and Reduces The Risk & Symptoms of Various Chronic Diseases, Including The C Virus.


  • Vitamin C is Crucial for Correcting & Strengthening The Immune System. It’s Also Needed To Help Quercetin Absorb Into Body.


  • Vitamin D Deficiency is Common Among Hispanic and Black People. This Deficiency Increases Their Risk Of Becoming Infected With C-Virus. Maintaining Healthy Vitamin D Levels is Vital To Fighting The C-Virus.


Combine Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Quercertin for a Powerhouse of Disease Fighting & Healing.


The Trio Includes a 31 Day Supply of Each Supplement - Vegan Capsules. Or You Can Purchase Each Supplement Seperately. 


Take 1-3  Capsules of Each Per Week & Adjust Based On Lifestyle & Need


100% Vegan Capsule

100% Organic 

31 Day Supply

Co Kicker Trio


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