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When You're in Need of a Good Detox, Our Custom Blend of Flowers & Herbs are Made For a Gentle, Yet Effective Full Body Cleanse!



Organ & Intestine Detox

Removes Toxins From Blood

Prevents Mental Deterioration

Eliminates Inflammation

Fights Various Infections

Treats Allergies & Asthma

Protects Brain, Heart & Skin

Packed With Nutrients, Antioxidants & Anti Fungal Properties


Made From Organic, All Natural Herbs & Leaves

Enjoy Warmed or Over Ice


16oz and 32oz are Pre-Brewed & Ready to Drink

1 Pound Tea is Dry and Must Be Brewed

USAGE: Best to consume entire contents within 1 week. Keep refrigerated. Enjoy Warmed or Over Ice.

Detox Tea

  • Our Teas Are Lightly Sweetened With Agave - An Organic, All Natural Sweetener. If You DO NOT Want Sweet, Say "NO AGAVE" In The Comments Section.

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