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Sea Moss 

The Superfood with Super Powers

We believe in holistic health & healing.

There are no better cures than what’s found in nature!

All our products are 100% natural, vegan & organic. Our Sea Moss is sourced from the waters of St. Lucia and Jamaica. 

- Mossman



Best sea moss providers, hands down!


South Carolina

I am so pleased with Mossman products! The smoothies are filling and delicious. The crimson spice tea packs a nice punch with a tasty flavor. The sea moss yummies are a convenient way for my family to get their daily dose. The superior customer service has surpassed my expectations! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much!


New Jersey

Mossman is the reason I was able to create my own sea moss soap!

Tropical Paradise

Healthy, Happy, Wealthy Made Easier!

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With cold & flu season upon us & disease and illness becoming more prevalent, people are seeking natural alternatives to over the counter pharmaceuticals.


Sea Moss has long been utilized as an organic, natural source of healing.

Loaded with 92 natural minerals, sea moss fuels the body with nutrients it doesn't normally get, plus it repairs the organs, builds immunity and prevents against a wide range of illnesses.


Sea moss also increases energy, improves mental health, reverses disease, rejuvenates hair and skin, and boosts reproductive health.

Incorporating Sea moss daily into your drinks & meals is very easy and highly recommended for optimum health!


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  • Mossman Juices & Smoothies
  • Mossman Juices & Smoothies


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Mossman Sea Moss

Moss Man 

Sea Moss

100% Organic Sea Moss & Herbal Teas

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